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Who should walk me down the aisle?

For some brides, there’s no question as to who will walk her down the aisle on her wedding day. But for other brides, the choice is not so clear, and the decision about who to ask can be overwhelming and emotional. So, if the choice is not so clear to you, I hope the following post provides some points of inspiration for your grand entrance.

First of all, please don't feel that only one person has to walk you down the aisle. If, for example, you have a father and a stepfather and you feel a strong connection to both -- you don't have to choose between them. Similarly, your mother and father can both walk you down the aisle (as is the custom in many Jewish traditions, and is often popular when only children are getting married). Second of all, please don't feel that a man has to walk you down the aisle. For example, perhaps your father or your father figure is not able to attend your wedding, or is unable physically to walk you down the aisle. Often, brides feel obligated to find another guy for the job, but why not ask your mother, or another influential woman in your life, instead? Third of all, don’t feel restricted by age. Perhaps your father, your mother, or both of your parents are unable to attend your wedding -- that doesn’t mean you have to ask someone your parents’ age to take on the honor. It makes for a beautiful, and often emotionally powerful processional when siblings, cousins or close friends escort the bride (or brides) down the aisle.

And last, but certainly not least, remember that there’s no reason why you need anyone to walk you down the aisle – there’s a lot of strength and confidence that walks with the independent bride who chooses to escort herself towards married life!

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