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Sections of a Wedding Ceremony

Photo courtesy of Kelsey Combe Photography

One of the best things about working with an Officiant is knowing that there is no set script that your ceremony must follow. Rather, it is your opportunity to choose the words that will unite you and your fiance in marriage.


You may choose to include all of the sections below, or select only a few. It really is up to you.  So, as you read the descriptions below, and view the sample ceremonies that follow, try to imagine what you would like to share with each other, and with your friends and family on your wedding day.

Processional ~ The entrance of you and your wedding party.


Invocation/Welcome Statement ~ An opening prayer invoking a religious or spiritual presence, or a non-religious welcome to those gathered in attendance.


Declaration of Intent ~ A declaration of free will and intent made by the couple to their guests.


Remembrances and Acknowledgements ~ Special words or a moment of silence to pay tribute to those who cannot attend your ceremony.


Reading ~ A reading can be a more traditional wedding poem or religious reading, an excerpt from a favorite book, or even lyrics from a significant song.


Declaration of Support ~ A way for your guests to pledge their support of your marriage.


Marriage Address ~ This is often when I speak to you about the role of marriage in your lives.


Your Story ~ I like to give each of you a short questionnaire that you complete separately. I then compile your answers into a few paragraphs about the two of you which I will read during the ceremony.


Vows ~ Your pledge to one another. Your vows can be traditional, unique, or a mix of both – they can be written by you or taken from another place of inspiration.


Ring Ceremony ~ The exchange of your wedding bands introduced by words that describe the symbolism of the rings.


Unity Ceremony ~ A symbolic ceremony that celebrates your union.


Final Blessing or Prayer ~ Good wishes to you as you begin your marriage. This can be either religious or non-religious.


Pronouncement ~ I officially pronounce that you are married!


Recessional ~ You walk down the aisle, as a married couple, followed by your wedding party and guests.


An Elopement within the City of Portland is $200.* Couples may choose from one of three Elopement Ceremonies.


A Customized Wedding Ceremony within the Greater Portland Area is $400.* Whether you envision a ceremony that's never been done before, imagine a wedding rich in your families' traditions, or prefer a combination of somethings old, and somethings new, I can work with you to create a ceremony that is perfect for you.


Ceremony Consulting Services help you officiate the perfect wedding ceremony of a loved one.  Services are billed on an hourly basis and range from writing and editing the ceremony, to step by step instructions on how best to perform the ceremony. The first hour is $50, and each additional hour is $35.  


*Additional mileage fees may apply for Elopements outside the City of Portland, and for Customized Wedding Ceremonies beyond the Greater Portland Area.

Ceremonies & Rates
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