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Should I Include a Reading in My Ceremony?

Often couples wonder if a Reading (or Readings) will enhance their ceremony. In my opinion, a Reading can be a wonderful way to further personalize your wedding because you can include just about anything that is significant to you, your partner and your family and friends. And it doesn't have to be a Bible verse or formal wedding poem -- at my own wedding, my husband asked his sister to read an excerpt from a favorite book of theirs by Toni Morrison.

A Reading is is also a great way to incorporate ethnic traditions into your ceremony, or to recognize your religious background. And a Reading may provide an opportunity to further include family members or friends in your ceremony. My own sister-in-law has many dear girlfriends, but she also has three close sisters and by marrying my brother, she was gaining a sister-in-law. To keep her bridal party to a manageable size, she asked only her sisters and me to be her attendants. However, she then asked her closest friends to read during her ceremony as a way to incorporate these important friendships into her wedding day.

So when you are thinking about whether or not to include a Reading in your ceremony, ask yourself, is there a poem, verse, song or other prose that is significant to you and your fiance? Is there an ethnic or religious tradition that you would like to honor? And is there a friend or family member who you would like to ask to be an even greater part of your ceremony?

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