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Another Wedding Surprise?!?

That's right -- Christine and Cathy are not the only couple I've married with an element of surprise in their wedding day.

After 13 years together, Tommy and Jeff were looking forward to getting married in New York City on 10/11/12. Hailing from Mississippi, the couple originally planned to marry at City Hall with three of their friends in attendance. Little did Tommy and Jeff know that their friends were putting together something a little more special for their wedding day and planned to surprise Tommy and Jeff with their very own Central Park wedding!

Realizing that many of their friends and family would be unable to attend their wedding in New York City, Tommy and Jeff planned a pre-wedding reception in late September back in Mississippi to celebrate their upcoming nuptials. And it was at this party that their friends surprised Tommy and Jeff with an invitation to their own wedding on October 11, 2012 at Central Park’s Wagner Cove. I could hardly wait to reach out to the grooms directly and get started on their ceremony.

In Conclusion...

Cathy and Christine surprised their siblings with their wedding and in doing so, found a creative and exciting way to share their ceremony with those closest to them. Jeff and Tommy’s friends wanted to give Jeff and Tommy something more than a City Hall ceremony, and in doing so, gave them a memorable New York City wedding in one of the most romantic spots this city has to offer. Though perhaps a bit unconventional, the surprises behind these two weddings only added to the specialness of Cathy and Christine’s, and Tommy and Jeff’s wedding days!

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