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A Surprise Wedding?


You don’t often associate the word “surprise” with the word “wedding.” In fact, I imagine most people try to minimize the number of surprises that come their way on their wedding day. But for two of the couples that I had the pleasure of marrying, “surprise” was the theme and, in both cases, the surprises were a big hit.

Christine & Cathy

Little did Christine and Cathy’s siblings know that when they were invited to Razzie’s Restaurant in Sunnyside, Queens to celebrate the couple’s tenth anniversary, they were also being invited to attend their sisters’ wedding! But that’s exactly what was in store. A few minutes before their guests arrived, Cathy and Christine walked in wearing identical off-white satin cocktail dresses and pearls. And, as their family members arrived to attend what they thought would be a lovely seated dinner to toast the couple’s ten years together, Cathy and Christine let everyone in on the surprise: they were getting married! THAT NIGHT!

That’s right -- Cathy and Christine threw their own surprise wedding (very Julia Roberts and Danny Moder for you celebrity followers out there). The wedding was a beautifully intimate affair. The room was dimly lit with candles and the alter was decorated with pictures of Cathy and Christine’s parents on their wedding days. Guests were inspired by Christine’s sister, a courageous breast cancer survivor, who read Paul’s First Letter to the Corinthians during the wedding, and, after the ceremony, the couple and their guests joined one another at the same, large table for celebratory cocktails and dinner.

I was honored to be a part of this amazing surprise wedding!

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