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Making it Legal -- Getting Your Marriage License

In the midst of wedding planning, it's easy to forget the paperwork that will make your marriage legal. Sure, a trip to the Clerk's Office isn't necessarily romantic, but it certainly is necessary! To guide you through this important process, pleaee see the following websites for information about obtaining your marriage license from certain counties in Oregon:

Multnomah County, OR (including how to begin your application online):

Washington County, OR:

Clackamas County, OR:

Yamhill County, OR:

Please be aware that unless you obtain a waiver, an Oregon marriage license requires 3 days to mature, and expires 60 days after it is issued. This means that there must be at least 3 days between the time you are issued your marriage license and your ceremony, and that your ceremony must take place within 60 days of when you obtain your marriage license.

Getting married in WA? Please see the following link for more information if you are obtaining your marriage license in Clark County, WA:

Please be aware that Washington State also requires a 3-day waiting period between the issuance of your marriage license and your wedding. However, this waiting period cannot be waived in Clark County.

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