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A wedding is such a joyous occasion -- it's not only the coming together of two people, but also the joining of their families, friends and traditions. Not so long ago, I was in the same position that you're in today -- I was busy planning my wedding and, like you, my fiancé and I chose to work with a wedding officiant to create a wedding ceremony that was truly a reflection of who we were, and hoped to be, as a couple.


Whether you've been planning your wedding for some time, or are just getting started with your plans, you probably know that the ceremony is the opportunity for you and your future spouse to pledge yourselves to one another in a way that is as unique as you both are. Perhaps you envision a ceremony that's truly unique, or imagine a wedding rich in your faith's or families' traditions, but you're not sure where to start. As an ordained, interfaith minister, I will offer you the guidance that you need and work with you to create a ceremony that is perfectly tailored to you.


I have such wonderful memories of my own wedding, and I would love to help you create your own memorable wedding experience.

Has a Friend or Family Member Asked YOU to Officiate a Wedding?

If so, let me help you craft and perform the perfect ceremony!  Please visit my Ceremonies & Rates page to learn more about my Ceremony Consulting Services.

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